Guidelines of Building A Brand

Guidelines of Building A Brand

1. Understand Your Target Audience

Branding brings us awareness, recognition, trust, and revenue. All of these items are taken from the consumers, which is also your target audience.

Before you start your action, you must understand and know who you are serving your product/service to. Who is your ideal customer? Why are you creating your business? Your target audience significantly influence your branding decision.

2. Build Your Mission Statement

You must define the purpose of creating your business. Your mission statement is a building block of your brand manifesto. It helps to create brand recognition, values and trust to your audience.

A mission statement should reflect the reason of why your business existence and why people should recognize your brand.

3. Determine Your Brand Values, Qualities and Benefits

After you craft your mission, you need to define what’s the one thing that your business solely ownes. Unique values, qualities and benefits helps to make your business unique.

Those elements help your business to improve lives and contribute to success.

4. Create Your Visual Assets

Logo, color palette, typography, iconography and other visual components are your visual assets. Each component determines your brand identity.

Creating the branding guideline to govern the composition and use of your visual assets. It helps to make sure your visual assets are used consistently and accurately.

5. Display Your Branding

Now, you can display your brand to touch and attract your target audience. Website and social media are the digital platform for you to introduce your business. The color palette, tone, logo, imagery, and typography you used in these platforms reflect your brand identity.

If you have a physical product business, packaging should be designed based on your branding guideline, which can help to reflect your new branding.

You may also advertise your business, which helps to build brand awareness and recognition. It leads your customers to know more about your product or service.

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