An Inventor’s Vision Brought to Life

An Inventor’s Vision Brought to Life

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Would hearing a name like JIGBUTT get you rather curious?

Now that we’ve got your attention, JIGBUTT is a combination of 2 words; jig and …. butt.
But, but, but, (pun intended!)… not to be taken literally, JIGBUTT is a new Malaysian invention for avid professional anglers.

So, what is it?
In a nutshell, it is a detachable extension that is adaptable to any sea-faring fishing rod, enabling better jigging.  The device is designed to be light, strong and easily installed to the “butt” of the fishing rod, hence the curious yet memorable name JIGBUTT!

Early in the R&D of the product, the founder of JIGBUTT Andrew Lee approached MYM-ImageWorks to create a compelling video to feature his new revolutionary product and demonstrate the use, benefits and experience of the JIGBUTT device.

We had the pleasure of flying our crew to Mauritius for a week to film the JIGBUTT in action in the middle of the vast Indian Ocean! We also made effective video presentations for JIGBUTT in the event they choose to raise funds for its further development.

Here’s the final product. Enjoy the video, as well as being among the first in the world with the knowledge of what JIGBUTT means!

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