5 ways to instantly create better videos with NO Budget

5 ways to instantly create better videos with NO Budget

1. Lighting is EVERYTHING

Now we’re not saying you need to buy or invest in lights. You just need a window! Yes, you heard it right; window lighting can help tremendously for your videos. When in doubt, just place the object or yourself right by the window and set up your camera and you’re good to go!

2. Music

Use music to your advantage. Music is the key to playing with emotions and what you want your audience to feel. Choose the right music for the right type of visuals. If you want it to be silly, dramatic, or thriller, just make sure the visuals and music suit each other.

3. Motion

Sometimes beginners are afraid to move the camera, you just set it up on a tripod and let it run during an event. Just pick it up and move the camera around, experiment, go behind the bushes and zoom the lens, be a creep (haha). Jokes aside, Motion brings people in as to what’s going on in the event, as to a wider shot, people are just looking from the outside, is it fun? They don’t know, they don’t see the fun side.  A simple glide in, glide out, up-down, catch those laughing/serious moments. Experiment and let your eyes be the judge!

4. Learn your Software

Do your research, attend seminars and watch YouTube. Choose the right software for yourself to help with the videos. Once you understand the full capabilities of your software, you’ll have a better understanding of what and how you can do your shots during shooting to edit later on. Make a cup of coffee and just dive in!

5. Clean up!

When you’re doing your shot and there are a lot of unnecessary things in the background, just remove them, put it behind the camera, the shot will look 3x more aesthetic. You can bring in a few things to arrange and make it look much more aesthetic. We won’t say remove everything, just make it look presentable.  And that’s it.

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