5 simple steps to be more prepared for your Event coverage

5 simple steps to be more prepared for your Event coverage

1. Scout the Venue

Know your venue and performance. Find out how the lighting is going to be so you may bring your own if it’s too low light. Before you arrive to the day of the event make sure you already know the best camera placements, available electrical outlets, performance, venue layout, lighting changes and sound system

2. Arrive early to the Venue

Start by arriving early and scouting the venue for establishing shots and B-rolls. Capture everything you may need for your edits later on before the event starts, such as the location from outside the building then make your way down to the event Banner. Get it out of the way before it becomes hectic so you won’t forget later on!

3. Shoot with Multiple cameras

It’s difficult to cover a whole event edequately with 1 camera, decide which camera will be shooting which part of the event, master shot, close ups of audience and performances.  That way you won’t miss anything out with assigned roles.

4. Beware of your Batteries!

Bring sufficient batteries. If you can’t get a hold of enough batteries, have the least minimum of 3. Always have atleast 1 backup battery on you incase the 2nd one is charging and the 3rd being used and alterlate and anticipate your event so you wont miss out anything.

5. Anticipate and use hand held

Don’t be afraid to use hand held, turn your body into a stabliliser, get close ups of everything and everyone. Shooting with handheld gives your more mobility than of with a tripod in case of sudden changes in the event. Plus, a camera propped on a tripod with a master shot isn’t suffiecient to show the liveliness of an event, show people whats happening in the event.

Hopefully these tips will help you be more prepared for your upcoming events. MYM ImageWorks, We Do more for your Business.

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